HDPE Grow Bags

HDPE grow bags are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plants including small shrubs, herbs and variety of vegetables. They are made up of highly resistant material therefore they can be easily kept under harsh sunlight and extremely cold whether.

HDPE Grow Bags are in much demand due to their light weight and  portability, these bags are ideal for small places and they can be kept anywhere occupying very less space.

Material Used
High-density polyethylene or polyethylene high-density is a thermoplastic polymer produced from the monomer ethylene. Its strong molecular bond makes it highly sustainable so that it can hold pressure exerted by soil and plant.

Its durability makes it reliable and compatible, HDPE material sustains  moisture efficiently for a long time and keep the plants healthy preventing them from sudden wilting.

We provide variety of HDPE Grow Bags such as –

1) HDPE Round Grow Bags
2) HDPE Spinach Grow Bags
3) HDPE Rectangular Grow Bags
4) HDPE Vermi Bags

Our HDPE bags are made up of high quality material and they are well suited for balcony, ground gardening or even for terrace. HDPE bags are eco-friendly as well as cost effective as they can be recycled for further usage. We recommend our HDPE bags as we are sure that these bags are worth buying and our customers would never have any complaint regarding our HDPE Grow Bags.