Fabric Grow Bags

Fabric grow bags are simply grow bags which are made out fabric materials. The fabric materials which are usually used to produce fabric grow bags are generally thick (because grow bags need to have a level of toughness) but are at the same time quite porous (this is engineered to promote aeration).

Over the last few years, grow bags have become a favourite choice of most gardeners, beginners, amateurs and experts included and all for very good reasons. The advantages of plastic pots, which until recently was a gardening favourite, unfortunately leave much to be desired when compared with fabric grow bags.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Variety and Convenience

Fabric grow bags come in so many sizes and shapes. As a result of that you can use them to plan basically any type of plant ranging from tiny vegetables or flowers to medium sized trees.

They work well with any type of growing medium be it normal soil, peat, compost or any other variety. Nutrients such as Nitrogen can be easily added to the bag.

 Also they can be arranged or rearranged anyway the gardener wants it and they thrive well despite the environment be it indoors or outdoors. They are recyclable and do not take up much space and they are quite easy to move around or store when not in use as a result of their lightness in weight.

  • Quality Drainage

Because fabric grow bags are quite porous, they are also very breathable and this affords the plant with quality drainage. This results in the roots of the plant being well aerated and good aeration does a lot in promoting an improved root development in the plant. This is made possible through a phenomenon known as air pruning. Air pruning occurs when the roots of the plant grow long enough to reach the boundaries of the bag. When they reach the boundaries of the bag, the tips are burned off and fresh roots branch out of the old ones. This does a lot to promote healthier roots unlike plastic pots which encourage the tangling and eventual suffocation of plant roots.

 Also the quality aeration afforded by the fabric grow bag allows the plant to enjoy good temperature control. As a result of the breathability of the grow bag, heat cannot be trapped in the bag or affect the plant (its roots in particular). This feature is highly appreciated by many gardeners during the summer period. This is a big advantage over plastic pots which retain a lot of heat.

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