Premium Jute Grow bags

Jute grow bags are plant grow bags which are made entirely out of the jute plant. It is a hundred percent  organic (given the fact that it is made entirely out of jute) but is at the same time quite tough (due to the fact that jute materials are characteristically tough).

In recent times, jute grow bags have begun to attain a great deal of popularity among gardeners, ranging from the experts to the beginners. This has been no doubt due to the fact that a lot of gardeners are beginning to realise the advantages which jute grow bags have to offer.

   Some of the advantages of jute grow bags include:

  • Organic Content

It is commonly said in the gardening world that the more organic it is, the better. Well, when it comes to grow bags, nothing is more organic than the jute grow bag. As stated earlier, jute grow bags are a hundred percent organic given the fact that jute grow bags are made entirely out of jute.

The organic content of the jute grow bag is highly advantageous to the plant because the organic content of the grow bag helps to promote the organic profile of whatever growing medium is being used, be it standard soil or a soilless medium. This goes a long way in promoting plant growth and development.

 Another area where the organic content of the jute grow bag is highly advantageous to the plant and the gardener is in the area of transplanting. Transplanting can be a quite tricky gardening operation because great care has to be taken in uprooting the plant and transplanting it into the soil. Roots can break or the plant can suffer trauma and experience impaired growth. However jute grow bags, due to their organic nature can be conveniently transplanted alongside the plant eliminating totally the need to uproot the plant and risk traumatizing it.

  • Quality Drainage

Jute grow bags are quite porous. As a result, they are also very breathable and this affords the plant with quality drainage ensuring  that the plant doesn’t get water logged.

 This also results in the roots of the plant being well aerated and good aeration does a lot in promoting healthier root formation through air pruning.

 Also, as a result of the breathability of the grow bag, heat cannot be trapped in the bag or affect the plant (its roots in particular), a feature which is highly appreciated by many gardeners during the summer period.

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