Microfiber Grow Bags

Microfiber grow bags are a great addition to garden essentials they are well suited for any small space including balcony or terrace, in ground gardening, greenhouses or hydroponic systems. Microfiber bags are much in significant demand due to its good portability and reliability which makes it worth buying for any sort of gardening.

Material used in microfiber grow bags
Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that consists of polyester and poly-amide. Microfiber is a material that is durable, soft and absorbent making it perfect for a suitable grow bag. Due to such strong and resistive material it is used as a grow bag and in comparison with other materials its quite lasting.

Our microfiber grow bags are made of breathable material to encourage root pruning so that it can shed its excess water & heat through the fabric, standard non-porous bags can cause roots to circle around the bag and makes it more stifle eventually cause wilting of plants.

Purpose of microfiber grow bags
Non-Woven Microfiber bags are very much ideal for growing vegetable, flower, herbs and other shrubs. These bags are environment friendly as they are made from reusable and non polluting material. Microfiber grow bags are very much cost effective as compared to other bags, it is suitable for both large scale gardening as well as on small scale.

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