Microfiber Grow Bags – Round Shape


Eco-Friendly and Efficient Gardening with Microfiber Grow Bags

Gardening is not only a hobby for many but also a means to grow fresh and healthy produce for personal consumption. However, traditional gardening methods can cause soil erosion, compaction and the use of harmful chemicals. To overcome these challenges and make gardening more sustainable, microfiber grow bags have been introduced.

Microfiber grow bags are biodegradable containers made of non-woven fabric, providing an eco-friendly solution for gardeners. The round shape of these bags provides maximum aeration and allows for full air circulation to the plant roots, resulting in healthy plant growth and reduced chances of plant health complications.

One of the major benefits of using microfiber grow bags is the prevention of transplant shock. The fabric structure of these bags allows for faster nutrient uptake and water retention, reducing the stress on newly planted seeds or seedlings.

Using a microfiber grow bag is a simple process. Choose a grow bag that fits the size of your plant, fill it with soil to 1/3 of its height, place the plant in the middle, and continue filling the soil to the top. A bed should be created all around the plant to ensure proper water and nutrient distribution. Regular watering and fertilizing will help ensure a healthy plant growth.

In conclusion, using microfiber grow bags provides an eco-friendly and efficient solution for gardening. The biodegradable and non-woven fabric provides maximum aeration, reduces transplant shock, and allows for faster nutrient uptake. By using these grow bags, gardeners can grow fresh produce with peace of mind, knowing they are reducing their carbon footprint and helping to create a more sustainable future.

Round Shape Microfiber Grow Bag is biodegradable and ideal for gardening of all type of vegetables, flowers and fruits. It is best for terrace garden, balcony garden, back-yards etc.

  • Durable: 5+ years life
  • Light weight
  • High density 300 GSM
  • Cost saving
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Round Shape Microfiber Grow Bag is biodegradable and ideal for gardening of all type of vegetables, flowers and fruits.

  • Microfiber grow bag negates the transplant shock
  • Maximum aeration is possible through it. It allows full air circulation to plant roots for healthy growth and prevents the chances of plant health complications.
  • It has capability for faster nutrient uptake.

How to use?

  1. Choose and open the microfiber grow bag according to the proper size of your plant.
  2. Fill the soil in microfiber grow bag with 1/3rd of its height.
  3. Place your plants in the middle of the grow bag and continue filling at top.
  4. Fill the soil to the top and make a bed all around your plant.
  5. Keep the plant in the prescribed area.
  6. Keep watering and add fertilizer on timely manner.

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