Smart Pots

 Smart pots are a special kind of kind of plant grow bag in the sense that they are quite large in size and in reality function as a sort of raised bed. They are made from a felt like fabric and they are quite flexible and porous.

 Since its introduction into the gardening market over two decades ago, smart pots have held a special spot in the hearts of numerous gardeners as a result of the unique value it has offered not only the experts but also the amateurs by virtue of the amazing and highly advantageous features.

 Some of these advantages include:

  • Size

 Gardening experts can have several varying opinions on the various plant grow bags but everyone of them is unanimous in the belief that smart pots provides the biggest sizes of grow bags. Smart pots come in various sizes but even the smallest smart pot can give the biggest size of most grow bags a run for their money.

This is highly advantageous especially for those who really love gardening but maybe stay in an area that does not have much in terms of a yard. Smart pots come in sizes which are big enough to plant as high a volume or variety of plants that would have been otherwise seen in a big yard garden. This makes it possible to plant all the plants which you would have put in dozens of other grow bags (and littered the entire area in the process) in just one grow bag.

Best of all, it does not matter that it is big, it still retains all the standard characteristics of a quality grow bag such as good drainage, aeration and temperature control. It can also be used anywhere be it the roof, balcony or basement.

This quality makes gardening with smart pots the most convenient option for most people.

  • Durability

A major advantage afforded by smart pots which has endeared it to a lot of gardeners (especially those who are commercially inclined or interested in long lasting plants) is the longevity afforded by the smart pots.

A standard smart pot is designed to stand the test of time and last for at least three years. Such longevity is hardly seen in most grow bags as most are designed to last for a couple of months, maximum one year in use.

This makes  the most viable choice for people who are into gardening operations for the long haul either commercially or they are just interested in planting long term plants.

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